The Top Three Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney, Gold Coast & Perth

Our Centrefold strippers Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney had plenty of opportunities to get naughty in December and January as they made fantasies come true for some very happy bucks. We wanted to share with you our most popular bucks party packages so you know what’s hot, right now.

1. The beautiful weather made booking a bucks cruise an easy choice for a sexy and exciting bucks party in Sydney. With the addition of topless waitresses and gorgeous strippers to keep the party pumping, a bucks cruise in Sydney can be customised almost any way you like. Get out and get wet with the hottest strippers in Sydney!

2. Second on the list this month was our Penthouse Party Package. The boys just couldn’t resist the full luxury of two nights in a beautiful hotel, gorgeous topless waitresses and The Gold Coast hottest strippers giving the perfect finale! No wonder bucks on the Gold Coast can’t seem to get enough of this fully loaded package.

3. It seems that a lot of Perth bucks were feeling naughty this month with our XXX Girls Gone Wild package rounding out the top three. It’s no surprise this package is popular as it incorporates bikini, skimpy, topless and nude waitresses as well as a XXX strip show, a XXX lesbian performance by the hottest strippers in Perth and more!

If you’re looking to book an unforgettable bucks party anywhere in Australia, take a cue from what’s hot right now or start you own trend with any one of our incredible packages. With gorgeous topless waitresses and unbelievable nude strippers waiting to provide high class adult entertainment at your stag night, you won’t be disappointed!

4 thoughts on “The Top Three Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney, Gold Coast & Perth

  1. We did the bucks cruise in Sydney. Thanks for the advice. Worked out brilliantly. Strippers and waitresses super hot as promised

  2. You guys really know how to put a bucks party together! Talk about hot strippers and topless waitresses. Just sensational. Thumbs up also for the Sydney bucks cruise 🙂

  3. I have a bucks party to plan in Sydney for the weekend of August 30. I’m organising some action events throughout the day (go carting & shooting) and am thinking it would be nice to get a private party with strippers and topless waitresses after. Obviously you guys have great looking girls. Do you have any ideas for venues? I have searched bucks party ideas and notice some of the companies offer rooms with drinks and topless waitresses etc but they seem like they are low quality. I would prefer a room in a proper bar or club and maybe some suggestions for where the guys can go out after? What can you suggest?

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    Great Question. Often the rooms and packages available from third parties are at poorer quality venues with low quality girls. In our view the memorable part of a private party with the Buck is the strippers and topless waitresses. If they are good looking and fun your night will be a memorable one. We of course supply only the hottest girls which is why we get lots of repeat business and good reviews. We also have loads of suggestions for rooms and bars for private rooms and also general bars you can take the guys to have drinks and party. Give us a ring and we’ll happily give you some options.

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