Strip Club Etiquette : How to Behave at a Strip Club



As purveyors of adult entertainment, strip clubs have certain rules. An obvious and well-known example is the age limit. Since strip clubs generally serve alcohol, you have to be old enough to drink in order to visit one. Beyond that, strip clubs have an actual etiquette, and following said etiquette will help you have a good time.

1. Check the club’s website

Strip club etiquette can vary from place to place. Some clubs are no-contact clubs that forbid touching strippers, while others allow patrons and strippers to touch one another to some degree. If you haven’t been to a given strip club before, save yourself some grief and ask yourself, “What are strippers allowed to do?” and check the rules. Similarly, find out what the rates are before going. Visiting a strip club is not an inexpensive proposition. You have to pay to get in, to buy drinks, and you will have to tip the female strippers dancing. If you want a lap dance, you will have to pay for that, too.

2. Obey the dress code, if there is one

Not all strip clubs are created equal. The gentlemen club is basically a high-end version of a strip club with elaborate and well-maintained décor. While most strip clubs serve typical bar food like buffalo wings, the gentlemen club will serve gourmet food. There will thus be rules detailing what to wear to a gentlemen club. That dress code will often forbid casual attire like jeans and sneakers. Even regular strip clubs will likely have a “no shirt, no service” policy.

3. Treat the strippers with respect

Strippers are professional entertainers and should be treated as such. You better give them compliments but avoid feedback about their appearance or what will make someone looks better.

4. Leave your cell phone off

Many clubs have a “cell phone free” zone near the stage. Yakking on your cell phone during a performance is rude on multiple levels. It’s disrespectful of the performers and it annoys the patrons who really don’t want to hear about some strangers’ marital or medical woes. If you must take a call, pay a tip, and then step away to talk.

5. Don’t try to record the performance

Most clubs have rules against taking pictures or filming dances. Trying to do so anyway is another good way to get thrown out of the club.

6. Wear soft clothes if you want a lap dance

A lap dance is a private dance performed in a separate room that generally lasts the length of a single song. As the name suggests, the stripper really does perform on or near the patron’s lap. If the patron is wearing pants made of a rough fabric or has their car keys in their pocket, the lap dance is a less than pleasant experience for the stripper. Be considerate and make sure you’re not wearing anything that will chafe the stripper’s skin.

7. Ask questions if you are not sure about something

The people who run or work at a strip club want their visitors to have a good time, so they’ll come back for more. They are thus willing to answer questions about how the club does things. “Can you touch strippers?” is one of the more common questions asked. Aside from no-contact clubs, most strip clubs do allow some touching – and the strippers will make it very obvious if they want you to touch them or not.

8. Be prepared to tip

Tipping strippers are expected from the patrons, especially if they’re seated near the stage. If you sit there, you will be expected to tip the dancers for every song. And, yes, it is true that the stripper may ask you to slip the tip in her bra, garter belt, or panties. If you have a conversation with a stripper, you will generally give her a dollar for each minute of conversation. If you don’t want to talk to a stripper, politely say so. Don’t waste her time by waffling or making excuses. Just say, “No, thank you,” so she can move on to the next guy.

9. Don’t get mad if the stripper can’t do something for you

Strippers are used to patrons with somewhat kinky tastes. Within limits, they are willing to do indulge such tastes. If you enjoy such novelties as having a woman walk on your back while wearing high heels, feel free to ask. Just understand that the club has rules regulating what strippers are allowed to do. Therefore, she may have to tell you, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” Don’t get mad if that’s the case.

As you can see, going totally wild at a strip club is not a good idea. Obnoxious people spoil the night for everyone else and often get thrown out. Knowing and following the club’s etiquette will save you that particular embarrassment and help you enjoy yourself more fully.


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