Top 7 Unforgettable Bucks Party Ideas in Newcastle, NSW

Here are top 7 bucks party ideas in Newcastle. From going on a boat cruise to a bucks party with those lovely strippers and topless waitresses. The choice is up to you!


1. Go on A Boat Cruise

Treating your mates to a relaxing and memorable boat cruise along the scenic waters of Lake Macquarie is one of the best Newcastle bucks party ideas. Spend the evening lounging on the deck with booze and having great craic with the lads.


If you want to spice things up, consider hiring skimpy waitresses. Most boat charters can organise lovely topless ladies to serve drinks and keep you and your boys company during the voyage.


2. Take a Fishing Trip

Fishing has long been a staple activity for groups of lads, whether it’s a birthday party or a stag do. The activity is not only great craic but it also creates an opportunity for bonding. You can turn it into a friendly little competition by rewarding the one that catches the largest fish. Be sure to have a few beers to make it even more fun.


3. Go Karting

This bucks party idea is great for motoring enthusiasts looking for a thrilling outdoor adventure. Show your mates that you are a great driver by driving fast in a straight line, cornering like a boss, or drifting like a pro. To make it competitive, have a prize for the winner and some kind of humiliating forfeit for the guy that finishes last.


If you don’t want to take part in the activity, just watch the exhilarating demonstrations, jaw-dropping stunt displays, and car showcases. Alternatively, you can get your adrenaline fix by off-road racing, rally driving, drag racing, or performance driving.


4. Go on a Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is a great way to enjoy a bucks night in Newcastle. It gives you and your mates the opportunity to know different pubs in the city and makes for a great chance to spend the last days of your bachelorhood.


Consider hiring a party bus with a driver to take you from one stop to another. This will eliminate the need of finding a designated driver from amongst your group, allowing everyone to enjoy the night to the fullest. You can also hire a guide to take you to the best bars in the city.


5. Private Dining

Another great buck party idea is to spoil the guy who’s about to walk down the aisle with a great fine dining experience. Pick a classy restaurant that he’s been talking about but never had the chance to dine at. Get a set menu (with dishes that he absolutely loves) and matching wines.


If you want, you can hire some entertainment to keep the lads happy.


6. Visit a Casino

There are some amazing casino destinations in Newcastle where your boys can have fun gambling. Organise a casino night and play some poker or try your luck with the roulette wheel. Just be sure that none of the group members has a gambling problem before you head to the casino.


7. Hire Strippers and Topless Waitresses

No bucks night in Newcastle is complete without a stripper or a topless waitress. While going to a strip club will give you the chance to see many strippers, hiring female strippers in Newcastle will enable you to choose those that you want for your party. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about sharing their attention with other patrons. Topless waitresses, on the other hand, will add a bit of beauty and sexiness to your stag party.