6 Day and Night Bucks Party Ideas in Central Coast

A go karting or a private boat cruise with strippers could be the best way to go. Thanks to the numerous day and night bucks party ideas in Central Coast of Australia!


Bucks Day Ideas


Going for a Quad Bike Tour

Rent a quad bike for an ATV thrill at the beach or through the popular Bushland at Tangalooma. It makes a great start for the bucks party and a way to add some adrenaline to the party. Quad biking tours also allow participants to view the stunning Australian surrounds and native animals like the koala and kangaroos. The Australian environment is known for its unique terrain that makes the tour even more thrilling as you burn the rubber on modern quad bikes. The best part is you can enjoy the tour from wherever you intend to hold the bucks party. From Cairns in Queensland Tropical to the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania to Alice Springs, there is a quad bike tour for everyone.


Go Karting

This will definitely stimulate the active side of your fellow champs. You can visit a local course that provides Go Karts to get their competitive juices flowing while bonding before the main bucks party. Go-karting is a pretty old sport in Australia with the first Australian Karting Association being formed in 1963. Then, go-kart races were held in Granville New South Wales, Brooklyn and Seymour but today, there are lots of other places to enjoy the sport. You don’t need to be a licensed driver for you and your friends to participate in go-karting. You just need to head to one of the local karting centres to enjoy the best tracks and the latest karting technology. While go-karting is all about fun, it offers plenty of health benefits. For instance, it trains users to concentrate, strengthens their reflexes and sharpens the senses. Go-karting also makes a great start before venturing into other activities.


Shooting Range

End the adrenaline-packed day at one of Australia’s shooting range. Whether you like paintballing or shooting real guns, pick a gun range that is equipped with plenty of ammunition, well-maintained firing arms and safety gear. Paintballing is an all-time favourite as you and your friends will get all riled up with adrenaline for the evening activities.


Bucks Night Ideas


Boat Cruise

Spice up your bucks weekend with a boat cruise on the beautiful waters of Sydney. You can hire a small or big yacht based on the number of friends you are planning to tag along. The small Catalina, for example, is great for a small crew and comes with a sun deck and a fully stocked fridge to keep you lads hydrated. The large yacht can carry up to 40 people, so you can invite some female strippers or topless waitresses in Central Coast to light up the cruise party. It also comes with a skipper to guide you around the water.



At sunset, you and your mates are ready to unwind, and poker makes a great activity. Of course, beer served by a topless waitress will keep you entertained. You have a range of alternatives when it comes to poker; you and your friends can visit the lingerie restaurant or strip club or hire a few ladies for a private show at your apartment. Hiring topless card dealers and waitresses for the card game is a dream come true for most men.


Camping in the Woods

For grooms who love the outdoors, camping makes a great way to end the party. You can hire a private property or check out Sydney’s camping grounds and caravan parks. Here, you get to set up a tent and engage in other activities like fishing, kayaking, hiking or swimming.


Thanks to the numerous activities in the Central Coast of Australia, you and your mates can enjoy a combination of bucks night and day ideas. Choose the best grooms to be, make reservations and get ready for an event-packed weekend.