A Groom’s Wedding Planning Checklist


You will step forward from being ‘fiancé’ to the ‘groom’ in the near future. Of course, you might be stressed about how to make the wedding day the most memorable day. Below is the checklist that will help the groom in planning one of the important days in his life.

Six Months Before

Choosing the Best Man

This is likely to be the first item on your wedding checklist for groom as the right person can help share some of the wedding responsibilities and help take the pressure off a little.

Shop for Wedding Rings

There are lots of different types of weddings rings to choose from and prices can also vary widely. It is important to work out a budget for the weddings rings before you start shopping and allow plenty of time to find rings that will last the tests of time without breaking the bank.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a time that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives and many people spend weeks or even months trying to come up with a location and activities that will be truly special.

Two Months Before

Book the Rehearsal Venue

It is traditional the responsibility of the groom and his parents to book and pay for the wedding rehearsal venue. Make sure that you know how many people are due to take part in the rehearsal dinner and if anyone has food allergies to help make sure that things go without a hitch.

One Month Before

Writing Your Wedding Vows

Make sure you don’t leave this item off your groom duties checklist, as it is likely that a number of friends and family members will be capturing the moment on camera as you say your vows. The perfect wedding vows should reflect the love and respect that you have for your life partner and it is a good idea to rehearse the vows several times before the big day to make sure that you are able to say them smoothly.

Planning the perfect Bachelor’s Party

There are lots of different bucks party ideas to consider, from action and adventure days in the countryside to club and pub hopping tours and even casino nights. This is a good event to plan with your best man, who is sure to make sure that the day will be extremely memorable.

Arranging the Bachelor’s Party Entertainment

The bachelor’s party will be your final chance to celebrate with your friends as a single man, so it is important to arrange entertainment for a night you will never forget. Of course, no bachelor’s party is complete without female strippers and you can arrange for them to be present at the party venue of your choice.

Two Weeks Before

Celebrating the Bachelor’s Party

For most people, this is sure to be one of the most interesting items on their list of things a groom should do before the wedding. It is a good idea to hold the bachelor party one or two weeks before the big day to make sure that everyone recovers in plenty of time to look their best for the wedding photos.

Get the Bride a Gift

Make the bride feel truly special by presenting her with a present on the night before the wedding or on the morning or the big day.

Apply for the Marriage License

This needs to be done before the big day along with the bride to be. It is important to note that different towns and cities have different rules and requirements for the marriage license application, so plan ahead and make absolutely sure that you have everything you need.

One Week Before

Becoming Perfectly Groomed

Finding the perfect tuxedo and accessories can take a little time, so make sure that you don’t leave this to the last minute. Whether you choose to buy a brand new tux or simply hire one for the occasion, it is essential to make sure that it fits well and is comfortable to wear all day long. The shoes also need to be comfortable enough to dance in, while this is also a good time to book a haircut and shave.

Writing Your Wedding Toast

Making a wedding toast is a high pressure event for many people and they can get a little tongue tied during the wedding reception. If in doubt, keep the wedding toast short and simple and leave the main toast to the blushing bride and the best man.

Checking in With the Guys

Don’t leave anything to chance; make sure that all of the men in your wedding party have picked up their tuxedos and accessories and they know when and where they need to meet on the big day.

On the Big Day

Getting to the Church on Time

This is the final, but by no means the least important item on your list of things a groom should do before the wedding. The groom traditional arrives at the wedding venue before the bride so that she can make a grand entrance, so make sure that you transportation method of choice has been arranged and confirmed so that you will be one of the first people to arrive at the wedding venue.