The Hidden Benefits of Hiring Topless Waitresses in Melbourne 

It may come as a surprise but our Melbourne topless barmaids and waitresses are more than just eye candy.  While their luscious curves and revealing lingerie will spice up any bucks party, these hotties have a lot more to offer. Confident and competent, they will be an instant hit with your mates. Nude or topless, they provide professional services that will enhance your experience in any number of ways.

Looking for more excuses to hire a cheeky barmaid or sexy waitress for your next event? Read on.

  1. Professional servers

Topless wait staff don’t just look good, they also provide a professional beverage and food service. You can fully relax and enjoy your event while they take care of you guests and keep the drinks flowing.

  1. The ideal alternative for shy guys

If your mate doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention, then nude barmaids or lingerie waitresses are a great option for his buck’s night. He’ll enjoy sensational views without feeling embarrassed or singled out.

  1. The perfect way to compliment your theme

If you’re throwing a themed party, sexy wait staff can enhance the event with matching lingerie.  A Great Gatsby function for instance, will be perfectly complimented with lingerie-clad flappers pouring the coldies.  They will add a bit of pizazz to any event without offending more conservative guests.

  1. Fun flirting and banter

If you love to chat with beautiful women, than you’ll appreciate the personal approach of cheeky wait staff. Playful, Flirty and fun, they adopt an ongoing repertoire that will appeal to your guests, almost as much as their voluptuous figures.


If you weren’t already convinced, hiring gorgeous, sensual servicers will keep your guests happy all night long. Whether it’s a boy’s night out or a cheeky social gathering, they’ll enhance your event in more ways than one.

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