Stripper Bravery in the Face of Danger

If you’ve ever been to a strip club, or even just to a bachelor/bachelorette party with a performer, you’ll know how wild and charged the atmosphere can get. There’s just something about a skilled stripper that makes everyone let their hair down, have a bit of a laugh and show their raunchy side. Experienced strippers know how to deal with a rowdy crowd and how to keep things under control by changing the pace of the routine, and are very good at balancing risk while making sure everyone has an, *ahem*, good time. However, it can still be a bit surprising just how excited some guests get!

When models, dancers and attractive guy/girl next door types are thinking about getting into stripping, one of their main concerns is safety. After all, the performer/wait staff need to be able trust their audience to keep things (relatively) appropriate, so they can relax and really show off their naughty side. It all comes down to attitude; when the performer acts like a professional, they’re usually treated as such. Our guys and girls are friendly, talented and have the right attitude – the rest is just a matter of experience. At Centrefold, our clients are gentlemen (and ladies) who are respectful and know the boundaries; we’ve never had a serious incident at a booking.

Still, some fans can take things a little too far, especially when they’ve been anticipating the show for a while. Strippers can also be targets for some seriously whacko crims. One recent case out of Las Vegas involving strippers showcased just how crazy the fans can get when faced with all that sexy action up on stage. Earlier this year, an assailant came into the dressing room of the Thunder from Down Under guys at Excalibur Casino and put on one of their G-strings (!) while stuffing some more into a bag. When he was discovered, he pulled a gun (!!); head stripper Matthew Fardell was forced to tackle him to ensure the gun was pointing away from the rest of the troupe when he fired. The incident drew a lot of media attention, especially when it came through the Las Vegas Regional Justice Center earlier in the year – as part of his testimony, Fardell had to identify the troupe’s G-strings from evidence photos (!!!) and describe the differences between American ‘banana hammocks’ and Aussie G-strings.

At Centrefold Strippers, many of our male strippers have professionally choreographed routines, and have performed with big names such as Manpower and Thunder from Down Under in Vegas, so we know first-hand how important security is when you’re working with such high-profile hunks. Our performers are experienced and know how to tell the difference between an overexcited crowd and something more serious, so you can be sure that they’ll keep performing for you no matter how wild things get!

Make sure to check out our guys’ profiles for more on their backgrounds performing all over the country and in the States.

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