Sexy, seductive and strong: why strippers are some of the most athletic people you’ll ever meet

Ever seen a stripper perform a really amazing routine full of back-bending, über flexible moves? Ever admired a strippers tight toned body and firm core? It may surprise you to learn that the fit look and the ability to pull those sexy moves doesn’t come easily. In fact, strippers are likely to be some of the fittest and most athletic people you’ll ever meet. Real professionals spend hours outside of work training and practicing, both in the gym and on the pole or in a studio, to make sure they have the strength and flexibility to put on an amazing show.

As with many dancers (not just exotic dancers), it all starts with cardio. What may seem like a relatively short show actually takes a lot of work, and the hottest strippers are expected to be full of energy and executing all those daring moves to perfection. Imagine running and jumping your hardest for fifteen minutes non-stop; that’s how a stripper feels when she’s performing a routine full of body rolling, booty shaking, pole work, and sexy stretches. Endurance is important, especially if a dancer is going to be performing more than once in a night.

Having a strong and toned core is also important. Not only are abs and a flat, toned tummy super sexy (and essential for some of the skimpy outfits a stripper wears!), this strength helps maintain just the right angle and poise on the pole, as well as for lap dancing and XXX shows with other ladies where, ahem, positions can get a little complicated. Some core work can be done in the gym, but a lot is done through pure practice and rehearsal.

Strong arms are also an absolute must, for both pole work and floor shows. Although the arms aren’t what’s worked the most on the pole – that’s actually the core and the thighs – they help hold the right position. For lap dances and floor shows, arms are constantly moving throughout the routine, so they have to be worked out on a regular basis. Also, most of the skimpy outfits that barmaids and performers wear show off the arms, so most ladies like to keep their arms toned and looking great. The other side effect of working out the arms and shoulders is that posture is improved, pulling the back into position – great for ladies with more going on up front!

Of course, with many ladies, it’s all about the legs. Whether they’re strutting around on stage, holding position on the pole or keeping her at just the right distance during a lap dance, it’s important to have both strength and great balance. You won’t meet a professional stripper who doesn’t do some kind of regular leg workout, whether it’s weights, yoga, or just practicing in the studio. Strong thighs are important for twerking and pole work, and defined calves look great with the right pair of heels – it’s a win-win for ladies to work out their legs.

Exotic dancing is so good for fitness that many gyms and fitness studios are now offering stripper-inspired classes. From burlesque to pole work and dance moves, chances are your local gym offers a workshop or class that can help bring out the inner seductress in you or your S.O. If you’ve been inspired by the fit bodies of the girls on our site, look up a class today!

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