The key ingredients of a killer hen’s night

Planning a hen’s night for a girlfriend can be a stressful experience. Not only are there all the logistical details (choosing the venues, organising transport, finding a date and time that works for everyone – the list goes on, but there’s the pressure to make sure the bride-to-be has an amazing night she’ll never forget.

So here is your brief checklist to help simplify the planning process and minimise the hassle!

First, make sure you know your audience. For example, do not take the girls out for a night of drunken debauchery if you know they prefer quiet nights in. Similarly, don’t plan a weekend escape to the country for party animals who love to dance!

If your friends are up for a night out, then it’s time to organise the entertainment. Now, many women shudder with embarrassment at the idea of a male stripper – but there’s a reason this is such a staple party entertainment choice. A hunky male dancer provides an instant boost of energy and excitement to a room, and can have the quietest group of ladies screaming with delight in no time. Make sure you go with someone who knows the ropes; the key to a great male striptease will be in the guy’s confidence, experience and skill level.

Next, there’s the venue. A great idea is to base yourself at an apartment in the city. That way you have somewhere central to get ready, enjoy a pre-drink and have a dance before you head out on the town. You can also invite your entertainment to the apartment, and head back there easily when your feet start to hurt!

If your friend is a bit of a foodie, why not organise a nice dinner before you head to the clubs? This will give you all a chance to sit down and chew the fat before things get too messy. Make sure the restaurant in question is quiet enough for you to enjoy each other’s company, but has enough of a buzz to keep the energy levels up. And of course, you can always enjoy pre-party nibbles at the apartment.

If you are not staying centrally, don’t forget the transportation – nothing kills the vibe more than waiting ages for a taxi. A minibus or maxi-cab is a great way to get everyone from A to B together, and in a reasonably cost-effective and efficient way.

Most importantly, make sure you give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy the experience for what it is: a fantastic excuse to have fun with your girlfriends!

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