How to Send Your Boy Off in Style: A Best Man’s Guide

So you’ve been picked out from the wolf pack as the best man and the pressure is on to make sure your mate says goodbye to single life in the most epic, baller way possible. At Centrefold, we’ve seen our fair share of bucks’ nights, so we know the essential ingredients to make a night you wish you could remember. Naturally, it’s going to involve beer, music, shenanigans, and beautiful women but within these four categories there’s a multitude of possibilities. We like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of the female form and the high life that goes with it, so we’ve taken the time to compile a list of all those things that will put you up there with the best mates of myth and legend.

Make a Game Plan

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your boy has a good night out is to make sure you have a plan of attack. This doesn’t mean some kind of inflexible timetable you need to follow to a T, but having at least a general timeline which includes all the good things in life, namely boobs, beer, beats and some sustenance along the way is always good to ensure you get the most out of your night. A few contingency plans here and there can also be helpful.

Pick the Right Show

This is where your noble duties as a best man will come into play. You’re picking a show that your buck will like not the one you fancy so keep focused and think! Ask yourself what he’s into, will he want to feast his eyes on a gorgeous exotic beauty working her curves from afar whilst he’s downing beers? Or will he be game to get right in the midst of it with a XXX show that will make his jaw drop?

Mix It Up

No one’s expecting you to reinvent the wheel here, but you want this night to stand out amongst the blur of bucks’ nights, to do that you need to add a twist. Again, it’s best to think about what your buck is into, is he a bit of a foodie? Why not consider ordering one of our gorgeous naked girl sushi platters. Is he a bit of a kinkster? Then consider turning the volume right up with one of our infamous lesbian shows.

Have an End of the Night Clubbing Option

Also known as a ‘house of the rising sun’ option, you need a place to enjoy the end of the night in style and ensure things don’t fizzle out once the main entertainment is over. Sydney has plenty of killer clubs to see out the night. Of course Centrefold can help you out there too, with free nightclub entry included in several of our Bucks Party Ideas packages.


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