Goodbye Winter, Hello Bucks and Hens party season!

We have waved goodbye to winter and said a big hello to spring! That in its self is reason enough to hit the town and celebrate, no? Glad to see we’re on the same page. We for one can’t wait to leave this cold winter weather behind and there’s a couple of reasons why…

Not only does spring mean less layers (not that our girls are struggling in that department) but it also marks the beginning of the bucks’ and hen’s night season. That’s right, whether you’re a best man, groomsmen, or the lucky (or not so lucky…) man himself – it’s time.

Round Up the Troops

Do your stretches, round up the troops, prep your all-night-bender-fender-game-plan, practice your alibies, ready your hangover-cure-of-choice, and make sure you’ve made yourself a clear exit path from your bedroom to the toilet; planning is key.

Once you have your game plan down pat the next step is choosing your pleasure, and boy will we have you spoiled for choice with bucks party packages to cater to whatever your heart desires – you’re welcome.

Don’t Worry Ladies, We Haven’t Forgotten You

We can’t let the guys have all the fun, right? RIGHT! We offer a range of different packages to suit your Hen’s night needs. Our models are chiselled to perfection and ready to turn your wildest dreams into a reality.

As maid of honour it’s your duty to make sure the bride-to-be has a night she’ll never forget (provided she can remember it in the first place…). You have the goal and we have the means; C’mon let’s make it happen.

No Excuse is an Excuse

No excuse to celebrate? There’s no such thing! As far as we’re concerned here at Centrefold Strippers, no excuse is a good excuse as any. Plans for the weekend…? We have a couple of suggestions.

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