Four Bucks Party Ideas for Your Best Mate’s Big Send-Off

His bucks’ party is meant to be the wildest night of his life, his last big hurrah before heading off into married life. If we are meant to believe movies like The Hangover, excess is the key; get the hottest strippers, the best food, top-shelf booze and awesome venues that are normally super-exclusive. For those reviewing the bucks party ideas– the brother, the best friend or all the grooms men – it’s important not to forget anything.

Here’s what you need to plan for:

  1. The Venue

Your venue choice will depend on the guest list, how private and exclusive you want to keep things, and the practicalities of where everyone’s coming from. Choose from private rooms in huge venues, cruise boats on the harbour, private hotel rooms, or night clubs. You can even choose to have the party at a private property; if you’ve got a friend with a huge house, acreage or somewhere else you can let loose, why not?! Night clubs are a smart choice because they allow the party to carry on after the package is complete – plus, if we’re honest, how else do you get 20 guys into a top club?!

  1. The Food

If you want the party to go for hours – not just until everyone’s had five or six pints – it’s important to serve good food. If the groom to be is a bit of a gourmet – hell, even if he just likes a good burger or steak – this is your chance to treat him to something special. Many all-inclusive packages will cover food for each guest. Make sure to ask about menu options when you enquire.

  1. The Booze

A bucks’ party is a special occasion, so it’s time to order something a bit fancier than your usual pint of Carlton or Toohey’s. Get that VIP experience with a bottle of spirits and mixers at your own private table. Choose a package with mixed drinks and beer, and everyone will be catered for. Imagine, sipping scotch on your own private boat, champagne in the club or premium beer in the penthouse while you and the lads are entertained by some of the city’s sexiest women.

  1. The Ladies

Because the bucks’ party is all about making memories that will sustain him through married life (OK, maybe it’s not that bad), it’s important to get the hottest entertainers possible. You want babes with model looks who know how to entertain and love what they do. When you book your entertainment for the evening, pick girls with plenty of gorgeous photos and make sure to ask the booking consultant which strippers and waitresses have good reputations (so to speak). You can keep the action going by booking more than one type of entertainment. Topless waitresses plus a naked sushi platter plus a XXX show is a great way to go for an unforgettable night. Of course, if you’d prefer to keep it classy (but really, who cares?!), surround the man of the hour with hot hostesses at a VIP table.

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