Bucks Party Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Most stags have a clear picture of what their bucks party will look like. Your best group of mates gathered together for a night of boozy fun that culminates in an incredibly sexy strip show. It’s almost like a rite of passage to make sure the guest of honour gets properly embarrassed by all the attention and the naughty performances.

But what happens when things don’t go according to plan?

A bucks party can be ruined by a stripper not showing up, by not performing the show that was promised or simply by being unprofessional, unenthusiastic or unattractive. These minor issues can definitely leave the group feeling disappointed and ripped off, but booking your bucks party adult entertainment with a company that isn’t reputable can actually be a lot more dangerous than you may think.

Take a look at these bucks party disasters and learn how you can avoid embarrassing and harmful situations at your next stag night.

In Melbourne, a buck’s best man suffered humiliation and physical pain when he was allegedly raped by a hired stripper wearing a strap-on dildo. While the stripper claims it was an accident, the incident led to a nasty legal battle that could have easily been avoided had the event been booked through a company with high behavioural standards for its staff. Source

While we may never know if it was an accident or not, there have certainly been cases where poorly executed performances have injured bucks party guests.

One such example was in Darwin when a man was caught in the crossfire of a flying dildo. The stripper was performing her party trick of shooting them at guests when her poor aim injured the buck’s friend. He was left with a bleeding gash on his forehead, and should consider himself lucky the runaway dildo didn’t hit his eye or cause any permanent damage. Source

Unfortunately for a buck in Philadelphia, luck was not on his side when a striptease gone wrong caused a ruptured bladder and internal bleeding. He was lying flat on the ground when his bucks party stripper slid down the pole and landed too heavily on his stomach. The incident required surgery to repair the damage at a hefty cost of $50,000USD. Source

While unexpected surprises can be fun and exciting at a bucks party, the wrong kind of unexpected event can also have seriously negative consequences for the people involved. Make sure you avoid embarrassing and potentially painful bucks party disasters by booking your adult entertainment from a reputable company. It’s the only way to really know what’s going to happen when the stripper turns up at your event.

At Centrefold Strippers, beautiful exotic dancers are our specialty, and we only work with classy, professional performers who know how to show you a good time while still living up to our high standards for conduct.

So have fun and stay safe when you book with Centrefold Strippers!

2 thoughts on “Bucks Party Disasters and How to Avoid Them

  1. Although I enjoyed a laugh over your referenced disasters, I agree bucks parties are a fine line between humiliating the buck and going to far. How do you prevent a stripper, waiter or topless waitress from going to far? How do you control if strippers go to far on the night? What if he or she has a few drinks? Can these risks truly be avoided or are they just part and parcel of any bucks party?

  2. Hi Jason,

    To insure our clients have the most positive experiences we take care to hire fun, entertaining, beautiful and professional Strippers, waiters and topless waitresses. Our strippers know how to make a show comical and entertaining without going to far. We have so far only received incredible praise for the high standard of our girls and guys. Thank you to all of them for doing such an amazing job xxx


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