Ideas for an Outstanding Perth Bucks Party

If you’re a best man or groomsman charged with the task of planning a bucks party, chances are you’re looking for a way to make it a night he’ll never forget. There are plenty of clichés about these types of events; you only have to look to movies like The Hangover, Clerks 2 and the original ‘80s hit Bachelor Party to see how it’s become mainstream to go gambling, hire strippers, and have more than a few drinks. You might get a few bucks party ideas from these films, but it’s also important to put a personal spin on it – after all, this is his last hurrah before settling into married life. Here are a few ideas for making the party more than just the average night out on the town.

1. Strippers

Luckily, there are plenty of hot strippers in Perth with the skills to keep a group of guys well entertained. When you’re choosing which girl (or girls!) to book, keep in mind his personal preferences – does he like blondes or brunettes? Curvy, skinny or athletic girls? Is he a boob man or a leg man – or both? Whichever you choose, make sure not to compromise on looks; he deserves the very best on this special occasion. The one rule? Don’t book a girl who looks too much like his fiancée – it’ll just be weird.

2. Topless Waitresses, Barmaids and Skimpies

If you’re having the party at home or at a private venue, there are still plenty of ways that you can step it up and party like rock stars. Why not have your food and drinks served to you by sexy topless models? Whether the man of the hour prefers BBQ food, steak, sushi or gourmet snacks, they’ll make it seem like the most delicious meal ever.

Want to keep things a bit classier? You could always hire skimpies – gorgeous waitresses dressed in skimpy outfits, ready to serve you anything from beer and old fashioned cocktails to seafood and BBQ. This is a great way to add just a bit of the sexy factor into a gentleman’s evening of fine liquor and entertainment.

3. Extreme Sports

A lot of grooms feel like their bucks show is a great opportunity to try activities or sports they’ve never been game to do in the past. Popular activities include skydiving, paintball, clay target shooting, diving, quad biking, and even fishing charters. In Perth, rally driving and jet boating are particularly popular.

Several grooms are opting to take their very best mates on extended bucks weekends, complete with a few rounds of golf at the club. If you have the time and budget to plan an entire weekend, why not hire some ladies to spice it up – even if just for an evening? Booking a sexy stripper adds excitement and diversity to a standard lads’ getaway, and many ladies are available to travel outside of the Perth city area.

Whatever you end up booking for the bucks party, if you put in effort and plan things right, he’s sure to have the great night (or weekend) he deserves.

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