I Used to be a Stripper!

With so many people curious about what it’s like to be a stripper, Centrefold brings you one girl’s experience direct from the source. Learn firsthand what it’s really like to make your living in the adult entertainment business.

How did you become a stripper?

I was trying to break into the modelling business and had done a few shoots for adult magazines. The people I met were all involved in the adult entertainment industry and most of the girls were strippers in addition to being models. They told me that it was a great way to make extra money and keep in shape. I decided to give it a shot.

Where did you work?

To start, I worked private bucks parties as a topless or nude waitress while I took pole dancing classes. One thing I didn’t realise was how difficult it was! After a few months I was confident enough to do bucks party strip shows, without a pole, but it took about six months of really hard work for me to be ready to dance in a club.

What were the people you work with like?

The other girls were great. They were really helpful in giving me tips and insights into the industry. Everything from buying costumes and the best spray tanning salon to diet advice and training together. I still keep in touch with many of them, some are still working as exotic dancers, others have moved on. The security guys were also great. They always made me feel protected even when things got a bit weird. I did have one manager that was a bit of a dictator, so I got out of that situation as fast as I could.

What were your customers like?

I think in the two years that I was a stripper, I experienced every type of customer that could exist. Most of them are great. They are usually very respectful of the “rules” and just want to have a good time. Some of them can get a bit too drunk and out of control, but that’s what our security is for. I never felt like I was in danger.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get in the industry?

A couple of things are really important. I think everyone should have a savings plan and an exit strategy. Know how long you want to do it, and know what you want to do when you’re done. I also think most people need to carefully think about who they tell. It can have a negative impact on your future career goals – that’s just the reality of it – and your friends and family may not understand your decision. Finally, you have to go into it with the commitment to being totally professional. It takes a lot of hard work, careful dieting and regular hair and makeup.

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  1. Interesting read! Hoping to see a few more stories about individual girls experiences. A bit more depth in relation to the experiences would be great.

  2. Is it possible to get a few more of these stories? Ideally a range of experiences would be good. There is obviously the cliche stripper who puts herself through college etc but how about other stories of career strippers and localized stories possibly involving bucks parties and locations and actual events..

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