Why Perth Adult Entertainers have great bodies

Tear your eyes away from the perfectly sculpted goddess-like creature currently twirling on the shiny pole in front of you and take a look at yourself.

“Why can’t I look that fit?” you say amid a mouthful of crispy chicken strips and beer.

Regardless of whether it’s a female or male adult entertainer, it’s a good bet that their body’s better than yours. And I’m not just talking about a little bit trimmer around the edges. More like if you were to compare a Toyota Camry to a Formula One V12, or a 50gram pork chop to a 300gram porterhouse steak. Ok, maybe food was a bad analogy, but the point is, adult entertainers ensure their bodies are purring like a finely tuned machine at all times. It’s in their best interests when you consider virtually every guy’s dream is to have a hotty with a killer body make them the centre of the universe.

Forget Zumba – pole dancing is where it’s at for keeping in shape

So how do they do it? You ask yourself as you wipe your Cheezel dust covered fingers on your t-shirt and take another swig from your 2L Pepsi Max bottle. Well, my porky friend, whilst most strippers will make twirling around on that pole look as effortless as you slamming back a foot-long meat ball sub in 60 seconds flat, it actually requires a great deal of core strength. I’m sure you’ve all had one of those drunken nights at a bar in Perth with a dancing pole and decided to make a complete ass of yourself, right? Now, whilst you might have believed you looked as graceful as a gazelle as you twirled around and round, you most likely actually resembled a drunk idiot trying to dry hump a street sign. Seductive pole dancing is a true art form in itself and a testament to an adult entertainer’s vigilant exercise regime.

I woke up like this

Whilst it may seem like most adult entertainers are simply genetically blessed angels sent to this world to rock ours, a lot of hard work actually went in to sculpting those perfect abs, thighs, pecs and glutes. Through regular exercise, dieting, strength conditioning and long hours in some of Perth’s top gyms such as Muscle Pit, your adult entertainer ensures your eyes receive the best show.

So, next time you’re flicking through those coloured notes considering how much to tip, ensure you consider the effort your hotty put in to getting you that chub!