Why Are a Group of Strippers Likely to Hang out Together Socially?

Have you ever had one of those nights where you’ve stumbled blindly out of a strip club only to be assaulted by daylight and stagger home in a disorientated confusion, unsure of what year it is, let alone the time of morning? Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this blog, you probably have. So you would have also been witness to the metamorphosis which takes place in-between the slightly surreal realm of the strippers and the outside world. The sudden transformation of the sexual goddess who you just paid to wave her ass in your face, to the normally clothed woman going home after her shift.

Whilst you might not put much thought into it, believe it or not, Melbourne strippers are regular people too! They might come across as these impossibly alluring sex symbols, but they actually have lives outside of making guys’ jaws drop. So where do these seductive creatures of the night go? What do they do when they’re not busy being illusive, scantily clad temptresses and collecting those coloured bills? Well, they might not be too far away from their fellow dancers.

Synced body clocks

There’s a certain niche of society who remains asleep while the rest of us are up and about, and who’s awake when the rest of us are dead to the world. This niche is reserved for working professionals such as bartenders, security guards, cab drivers, maybe the odd crack head or two, and of course, exotic dancers. So what do you do when you’re a stripper and it’s your night off, but it’s some ungodly hour of the morning and your body won’t let you sleep? You’d likely call up one or more of your co-workers and do something fun.

Strippers who strip together, stay together

Stripping is understandably a challenging and ultimately demanding profession. It requires a special kind of woman to tame the hordes of gaping and flustered men pawing after them night after night. This type of testosterone fuelled environment would understandably cause the girls working there to develop a fierce loyalty amongst one another. Such a bond does not simply extend to that glistening dance pole and illuminated catwalk, but carries on into the real world.

At the end of the day, there might be a number of different factors which result in this phenomenon, but one thing’s for certain… just about every bloke who ponders this same question is fantasising about one particular scenario. A guy can dream after all, right?