6 Blokes You’ll Find on a Sydney Buck’s Night

We all know that a bucks night often brings together long lost friends, family and the Wolf Pack of closest mates to partake in a night of adventure, hunting and behaviour sometimes reminiscent of school years long forgotten. Amongst this group of daring souls you will no doubt find the following and more;

1. The Best Man (obviously)
This guy is stressed from all the planning, collecting money and the fact he has to deliver a speech that impresses, he’ll be having quite a few to “settle the nerves”. Make sure to let him know how well he’s done and give him a pat on the back for all his hard work!
Most likely to: Cry and say “I love you man”, it’s an emotional time for the BM.

2. The Groom (also obviously)
This guy will also be having quite a few to “settle the nerves” but his are entirely different nerves. Someone make sure to bring slippers in case his feet start to feel cold! AND NO ONE MENTION DOING A RUNNER!
Most likely to: Throw up after one too many shots.

3. The Drunky Monkey
Possibly an old school friend or sports teammate. Had more than a few. Possibly out for a few days rather than a few drinks. Knows how to get the party started and keep the party going.
Most likely to: Get everyone refused entry to the hottest night club.

4. The Work Friend.
He will be taken aback at first to witness Spreadsheet Steve’s out of office antics. Will end up getting more than involved and will be forced to avoid our Steve at the water cooler on Monday due to shear embarrassment.
Most likely to: Friend request everyone during the night and claim their all his new best mates.

5. The Random Relative of the Bride
Many suspect he’s a spy for the opposing team (the hens). Friends use it as an opportunity to talk up the Buck to the Bride’s family. Best friends use it as an opportunity to share the most embarrassing stories and generally humiliate and ridicule the Buck to the Bride’s family.
Most likely to: Actively avoid everyone from the Bucks Night at the actual wedding.

6. The Most Important Person
The Stripper. Need we say more?
Most likely to: Make the night the best night ever!