10 Bucks Party Ideas Brisbane

Pub Tours

Planning to host a bucks party in Brisbane and not sure what to do? Check out our list of ideas for day or night, to give the groom the time of his life.

If your best mate is getting married, you owe it to him to give him the best bucks night brisbane has to offer. But a bucks night isn’t just for your mate – it’s for you. It’s a celebration of friendship, an opportunity to strengthen bonds and live dreams. But enough about that – the only girly stuff you should be worried about right now is what kind of female strippers you should get for the event! We’ve put together 10 brisbane bucks party ideas that’ll help you send your mate off in style!

1. Pub Tours

For the tamer tigers (or those with psycho fiance), a nice pub tour can be great. Even in the rowdiest pubs, it can be an intimate setting that allows for great booze, great conversation, and a rehashing of great memories. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to draw on his face if you can get him too smashed.

2. Adventure Activities

Whether you and your mates prefer fishing or paintball, take your mate on an adventure. You know he’s going to need it when his blushing new bride ties him down and makes him a house husband. Have fun and take any opportunity to rack him – just make sure he’s still in working order for the honeymoon!

3. Party Transport

No party is complete without the proper transportation. Whether you want to take a party bus, limo, or hummer, you can crank up the music, unpack the booze, and even bring along some babes. Even the most boring and poorly thought out bucks party will feel like a complete success with a great party transport service.

4. Rage Rooms

For the wilder and crazier bucks out there, finishing out the night with a rage room is awesome. Work out all that frustration, tension, fear, and doubt in a room where rules are for the weak. Smash, stomp, bash, and break anything your hands can get a hold of.

5. Bucks Party Boat

Renting a bucks party boat Brisbane style isn’t a must if you don’t care about your lads. For those that want an unbeatable experience with catered eats, booze, and a topless waitress brisbane party boats won’t disappoint. Surround yourself with sexy women, cool drinks, hot eats, and great company out on the water.

6. Fun & Lazy

If you’re reading this list and you know you’re too much of a lazy ass to do it yourself, you can always look up bucks night brisbane packages. From tame packages that cater to your friend’s interest, to wild romps to shame all wild romp and even classy VIP packages to make you and the lads feel like James Bond, there’s something out there for everyone.

7. Poker Night

Don’t worry – we don’t mean a game at the back of the missus’s house. We mean an sexy and upscale private poker party with a topless bombshell to deal out the decks and an unlimited supply of booze. Arranging this little shindig isn’t as hard as you might think. Rent out an avenue, hire a dealer, and take the boys for all they’re worth.

8. Go Abroad

As much as we might not like to talk about it, we have dreams. Sometimes those dreams involve our friends. Sometimes those dreams involve going on a trip, just the boys. While the future wifey is making last minute arrangements, take your friends on the trip you’ve always planned. Despite what you might think or want, when marriage and kids come, it can put ‘just the boys’ vacations off for years. Do it now, while you still have the opportunity to do it. This can add a level of meaningfulness that a nice pair of tits and some booze just can’t touch.

9. Escape Rooms

If you’re light on funds and really want to drive into your best mate’s mind the futility of his actions, take him to an escape room. It’s a unique experience and it’s something even the stingiest wife-to-be can’t piss on. While it may not make the whole evening, it can definitely add to it. Add a pub tour and some titties afterward and it shapes up pretty well.

10. Strippers

Ah, what bucks night is complete without strippers? They’re as versatile as booze and twice as fun. Whether you want to take some strippers on a boat, on a bus, or on a table, you pretty much have to have them. If not for your mate, for you and his other mates. If he’s the type that asks for no strippers, that’s fine. Hire ‘alternative’ strippers for a laugh. You know – the antithesis of his fiance: hairy, old, male… There are lots of ways to incorporate strippers for both horny and humorous effects. Don’t skip out!

Having a bucks night Brisbane style is a lot to live up to. But at the end of the day, having a bucks night party isn’t just about sexy birds and wild nights. It’s about solidifying your friendship and giving your mate a hard time for his poor decisions in life. So drink up, take in the sights, and enjoy sending your friend into the next chapter of his life the right way. These are just a few bucks party ideas in  Brisbane has to offer.